HDR – First Attempt

I decided to try my luck at HDR photography today. I went to a nearby bridge at my perfect time of the day – yes that’s right, during sunrise, and I took the picture above.

HDR stands for high dynamic range. This simply means you set your camera to take a series of shots at different exposures and then you merge the photos (either in camera or using a software) to produce something spectacular. Or at least that’s the aim 🙂 Today I set my camera to take three shots: one under exposed/very dark, one over exposed/very bright and one with neutral exposure/perfectly balanced. A lot of people frown at HDR photography because some people overdo it. This is my first time doing it, so give me some feedback on how I could improve it the next time around. Let me know if fell into the overdoers category. Remember, “each one, teach one”. That’s how we learn and improve our skills 😉




5 thoughts on “HDR – First Attempt

  1. Very nice first shot! It’s still a bit underexposed though. You can’t see much of the foreground. You could either add fill light in post processing or make sure you go beyond +2EV until all the shadows are captured in the histogram. Not bad at all and I really like how the road leads you around into the sunrise.

    • Thanks for this feedback Mark. This was a bit tricky. When I took out some of the shadows and increased the highlights, it was affecting the rays of the sun. I will try and make a few changes in photoshop and see what it yields. Thanks again!

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