Sidewalk Cosmetology Parlor

As a child, I always feared venturing in the downtown area with my mom mainly because of commotion and hassle it takes to get about. I’ve heard my colleagues mention something about a “sidewalk cosmetology parlor” where you can get your hairdo, manicure and pedicure all right there in the streets of downtown. I found this fascinating and so I got out my house, armed with my Rebel T3i and went to face my childish fears!

When I got there, I walked around for several minutes before I was surrounded by the cosmetologists. I struck up a conversation with a group that seemed friendly and asked if I could take their picture. Naturally, they were a bit reluctant at first, but after I explained where I would put the images, they became more trustworthy. It’s really interesting how your belief system can affect how you perceive a place or a person.

Anyway, I made some friends and we had a blast taking pictures all day. Here are some of the images:

IMG_0008 IMG_0003 IMG_0064 IMG_0048

IMG_0033 IMG_0042

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