Lost Treasure: The Old Capital


I traveled to The Old Capital today – Spanish Town, to take some pictures of the historic buildings that once housed Kings and Queens in the 18th century.

The Old Arms House/ Barracks

Arms Barracks & Rodney Memorial

The Rodney Memorial

Admiral George Rodney whose victory over the combined Spanish and French fleets at the Battle of the Saints in 1782, almost certainly prevented Jamaica from falling into enemy hands. (credit: discoveryjamaica.com)

Baron Rodney

The House of Assembly

This building was completed in 1762 although it has seen many changes since, which explains the contrast between the grand colonnade ground floor and the wooden first floor. (credit: discoveryjamaica.com)

House of Assembly


The Kings House

After a fire in 1925, only the front of the building remains of the original 1762 building. The proclamation of Emancipation was read on 1 August 1938 on the steps of this building. It was the Governor’s official residence until 1872, when the capital was transferred to Kingston. It now has the Archaeological Museum with artifacts excavated at the site and exhibits tracing the history of the area between 1534-1872. (credit: discoveryjamaica.com)

Front of Old Kings House


Old Court House

Old Court House

The Old Iron Bridge

This bridge was the only means of getting to Kingston from Spanish Town traveling through Sligoville. A wider steel bridge was constructed later.

Old Iron Bridge


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