Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned.
It’s been years since my last blog postūüė¶
A lot has happened. So much to do and so little time.

Well, enough chit-chat. The Mrs and I did a newborn photo shoot the other day and the photos were fantastic!! Little Dominic was a charmingly good sport. Here are some snaps. Enjoy!



crop baby






Weddings are hectic, but they are so much fun. The amount of work that a photographer has to do in that one day. He/she has to ensure that they capture all those special moments. I had the privilege of covering a friend of mine’s wedding. They’re very private and they gave me permission to post just a few of the images.

Enjoy and critique:)

The Bride

The Bride

The Rings

The Rings



Bridal Party

Bridal Party



Surfing Competition Snap shots

Among having some of the fastest athletes in the world, Jamaica¬†even hosts it’s own annual international¬†pro event, The Makka Pro, which is held at the Makka Surf Beach in Southaven in Yallahs Saint Thomas and has become¬†one of¬†the largest in the english speaking Caribbean and provides a stage from which to present Jamaican surfing.

The full potential of Jamaica’s surf is still to be realized. Jamaica has had a long and rich surfing history which is still being drafted today by the young bloods of the Jamaican surfing fraternity who will lead the charge into the next¬† era of Jamaican wave riding!

~extracted from

Enjoy these snap shots!!







Jump Spin Kick

Another picture from the Wing Chun Master series. Here, Ryan is doing a jumping spin kick. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that kick!

Jump Spin Kick

Wing Chun Master’s Flying Kick

This was one of my favourite shots from a photo shoot I did with wing chun master Ryan. I placed my 480EX2 speedlite off camera in line with Ryan’s kick.

I am Jamaican!

I went to the fort in Port Royal , Jamaica, to capture a series of shots around the theme “Proud Jamaican“. This shot is one of my favorites from the evening. In this shot, the model is holding a partially empty bottle of Appleton White Overproof Rum in one hand and her other hand is resting on her straw hat. There is a bit of Jamaica everywhere in this image – the straw hat, the rum, the Jamaican bikini and the window ledge where she’s sitting – an old watch house at the fort at Port Royal. Appleton has been a part of the Jamaican culture for more than 250 years! A celebration in Jamaica is not complete without a flask or two of this signature Jamaican rum.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am J'can



Somerset Falls

Some friends and I went to Somerset Falls in Portland, Jamaica this weekend. it was fun. Although it seems like every time I visit a waterfall, I come home with scars and bruises. sighs! Anyway, another thing I always do when I visit waterfalls, besides getting bruises, is experiment with my camera’s shutter speed to get that misty water effect.

However, having a slow shutter speed means letting in more light into the camera thus overexposing highly reflective surfaces like the water. To correct this, I took two or three shots at different exposures and¬†overlay-ed¬†them in¬†Photoshop¬†and masked out what I didn’t need or liked. Does anyone have any advice on how I can use long shutter speeds without overexposure?

Here are the results:



Somerset Falls


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